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     1. n. Perche. Morceau de forme allongée de métal, de bois…
           (partic) Poteau.
           (partic) Bâton.
           (partic) Piquet.
     2. n. (Hist) Unité de mesure de longueur (système impérial britannique) valant 5,5 yards ou exactement 5,0292 mètres.
     3. n. (Sport) Perche utilisée en saut à la perche.
     4. n. (Pêche) Sorte de canne à pêche très simple.
     5. v. Faire avancer un bateau avec une perche.
           Huck Finn poled that raft southward down the Mississippi because going northward against the current was too much work.
     6. v. Identifier au télescope.
           He poled off the serial of the Gulf Stream to confirm its identity.
     7. n. (Géographie) (astronomie) Pôle ; intersection de l'axe de rotation d'un astre et de sa surface.
     8. n. (Physique) Pôle ; extrémité d'un aimant qui attire le pôle opposé.
     9. n. (Géométrie) Point fixé relativement à d'autres points ou lignes.
     10. n. (Électricité) Contact d'un appareil électrique, d'une batterie, d'une pile, etc.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. Originally, a stick; now specifically, a long and slender piece of metal or (especially) wood, used for various construction or support purposes.
     2. n. (angling) A type of basic fishing rod.
     3. n. A long sports implement used for pole-vaulting; now made of glassfiber or carbon fiber, formerly also metal, bamboo and wood have been used.
     4. n. (slang) A telescope used to identify birds, aeroplanes or wildlife.
     5. n. (historical) A unit of length, equal to a perch (¼ chain or 5½ yards).
     6. n. (motor racing) Pole position.
     7. n. (US, rap music slang) A gun.
     8. v. To propel by pushing with poles, to push with a pole.
           Huck Finn poled that raft southward down the Mississippi because going northward against the current was too much work.
     9. v. To identify something quite precisely using a telescope.
           He poled off the serial of the Gulfstream to confirm its identity.
     10. v. To furnish with poles for support.
           to pole beans or hops
     11. v. To convey on poles.
           to pole hay into a barn
     12. v. To stir, as molten glass, with a pole.
     13. n. Either of the two points on the earth's surface around which it rotates; also, similar points on any other rotating object.
     14. n. A point of magnetic focus, especially each of the two opposing such points of a magnet (designated north and south).
     15. n. (geometry) A fixed point relative to other points or lines.
     16. n. (electricity) A contact on an electrical device (such as a battery) at which electric current enters or leaves.
     17. n. (complex analysis) For a meromorphic functionf(z), any pointa for whichf(z) \rightarrow \infty asz \rightarrow a.
           The functionf(z) = \frac1z-3 has a single pole atz = 3.
     18. n. (obsolete) The firmament; the sky.
     19. n. Either of the states that characterize a bipolar disorder.
     20. v. To induce piezoelectricity in (a substance) by aligning the dipoles.
français > anglais
     1. n-m. post, pole, stake, stanchion, strut, standard, prop
     2. n-m. (sports) goalpost
     3. n-m. (France, slang) friend, buddy


Exemples de phrases

This one sitting on the pole
He had a long pole in his hand and asked me if I wanted to see his old scout staff. 
Behind the bench, a few feet away and slightly to the left, is a single light pole with a dingy yellow bulb. 
Her car swerved into a telephone pole and all I really saw after that was a huge wall of flames and a sky full of black smoke. 
Like words, which grind up the concrete world every bit as effectively as your fire and bamboo pole

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