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anglais > français
     1. n. (Musique) Tambour, batterie
     2. n. Rouleau.
     3. v. (Musique) Jouer de la batterie.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A percussive musical instrument spanned with a thin covering on at least one end for striking, forming an acoustic chamber, affecting what materials are used to make it; a membranophone.
     2. n. Any similar hollow, cylindrical object.
     3. n. In particular, a barrel or large cylindrical container for liquid transport and storage.
           The restaurant ordered ketchup in 50-gallon drums.
     4. n. (obsolete or historical) A social gathering or assembly held in the evening.
     5. n. (architecture) The encircling wall that supports a dome or cupola
     6. n. (architecture) Any of the cylindrical blocks that make up the shaft of a pillar
     7. n. A drumfish.
     8. n. (slang) A person's home.
     9. n. (AU slang) A tip, a piece of information.
     10. v. (intransitive) To beat a drum.
     11. v. To beat with a rapid succession of strokes.
           The ruffed grouse drums with his wings.
     12. v. To drill or review in an attempt to establish memorization.
           He’s still trying to drum Spanish verb conjugations into my head.
     13. v. To throb, as the heart.
     14. v. To go about, as a drummer does, to gather recruits, to draw or secure partisans, customers, etc.; used with for.
     15. n. A small hill or ridge of hills.
français > anglais
     1. n. drum (instrument)
     2. n. tambour (sports / real tennis)


Exemples de phrases

Begins to talk a little louder to get over the drum
She is coated with coal dust, according to the label, and stands on an empty oil drum
It plans to fund the mechanics of the bid, paying for consultants, designing the bid and the travelling circus of officials and elected representatives that will travel the globe trying to drum up support for Britain's application. 

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