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anglais > français
     1. adj. Rouge, roux.
     2. adj. (US) (Politique) Qui supporte le parti républicain.
           Red states. - États supportant majoritairement le parti républicain.
     3. adj. (Royaume-Uni) (Politique) Qui supporte le parti travailliste (Labour) ou la gauche en général.
     4. n. Rouge.
     5. v. (Variante de;redd).
     6. v. (Archaïque) Prétérit et participe passé de to rede.
anglais > anglais
     1. adj. Having red as its color.
           The girl wore a red skirt.
     2. adj. (of hair) Having an orange-brown or orange-blond colour; ginger.
           Her hair had red highlights.
     3. adj. (card games, of a card) Of the hearts or diamonds suits. Compare black
           I got two red queens, and he got one of the black queens.
     4. adj. (often, capitalized) Supportive of, related to, or dominated by a political party or movement represented by the color red:
     5. adj.          (US, modern) the U.S. Republican party
                    a red state
                    a red Congress
     6. adj.          (also British) Left-wing parties and movements, chiefly socialist or communist, including the U.K. Labour party and the Social Democratic Party of Germ
                    the red-black grand coalition in Germany
     7. adj. (chiefly derogatory, offensive) Amerind; relating to Amerindians or First Nations
     8. adj. (astronomy) Of the lower-frequency region of the (typically visible) part of the electromagnetic spectrum which is relevant in the specific observation.
     9. adj. (particle physics) Having a color charge of red.
     10. n. Any of a range of colours having the longest wavelengths, 670 nm, of the visible spectrum; a primary additive colour for transmitted light: the colour obtained by subtracting green and blue from
           (color panel, F00000)
     11. n. A revolutionary socialist or (most commonly) a Communist; (usually capitalized) a Bolshevik, a supporter of the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War.
     12. n. (snooker) One of the 15 red balls used in snooker, distinguished from the colours.
     13. n. Red wine.
     14. n. (informal, birdwatching) A redshank.
     15. n. (derogatory, offensive) An Amerind.
     16. n. (slang) The drug secobarbital; a capsule of this drug.
     17. n. (informal) A red light (a traffic signal)
     18. n. (Ireland, UK, beverages, informal) red lemonade
     19. n. (particle physics) One of the three color charges for quarks.
     20. n. (US, colloquial) chili con carne (usually in the phrase "bowl of red")
     21. v. alternative spelling of redd
français > anglais
     1. adj. red (of a red color)
           Le sang est rouge. - Blood is red.
     2. adj. red (left-wing, socialist)
           L'armée rouge. - Red Army.
     3. n. red


Exemples de phrases

We get the idea it's red
Tell you what, why don't we get one in red and one in yellow? 
Why do leaves turn red in the autumn? 
It is bloody, red and swollen. 
Well, what do you know, red slippers. 

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