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car park

car park


anglais > français
car park
     1. n. (Transport) (Grande-Bretagne) Parc de stationnement, parking.
anglais > anglais
car park
     1. n. (British) An outdoor area or a building where cars may be parked.
     2. n. (UK, figuratively, humorous) A road with serious traffic congestion preventing the movement of vehicles.
français > anglais
     1. n. car park


Exemples de phrases

It's therefore a complete mystery why all the deckchairs face the sea, which no one likes, instead of the shops and car park, where the real action is. 
She cannot afford to be standing around looking needy and bedraggled in a car park
At this stage there have been demands for the pit to be made shallower, because the port authority would like to use some of it as a car park

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