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anglais > français
     1. adj. Pilote, pionnier, de test.
           pilot run.
     2. n. Pilote.
     3. v. Guider, piloter.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A person who steers a ship, a helmsman.
     2. n. A person who knows well the depths and currents of a harbor or coastal area, who is hired by a vessel to help navigate the harbor or coast.
     3. n. A guide book for maritime navigation.
     4. n. An instrument for detecting the compass error.
     5. n. (AU, road transport, informal) A pilot vehicle.
     6. n. (AU, road transport) A person authorised to drive such a vehicle during an escort.
     7. n. A guide or escort through an unknown or dangerous area.
     8. n. Something serving as a test or trial.
           We would like to run a pilot in your facility before rolling out the program citywide.
     9. n.          (mining) The heading or excavation of relatively small dimensions, first made in the driving of a larger tunnel.
     10. n. (aviation) A person who is in charge of the controls of an aircraft.
     11. n. (television) A sample episode of a proposed TV series produced to decide if it should be made or not; the first episode of an actual TV show.
     12. n. (rail transport) A cowcatcher.
     13. n. A pilot light.
     14. n. One who flies a kite.
     15. n. A short plug, sometimes made interchangeable, at the end of a counterbore to guide the tool.
     16. adj. Made or used as a test or demonstration of capability. (pilot run, pilot plant)
           The pilot plant showed the need for major process changes.
     17. adj. Used to control or activate another device. (pilot light)
     18. adj. A vehicle to warn other road users of the presence of an oversize vehicle/combination. (pilot vehicle)
     19. adj. Used to indicate operation ("pilot lamp")
     20. v. To control (an aircraft or watercraft).
     21. v. To guide (a vessel) through coastal waters.
     22. v. To test or have a preliminary trial of (an idea, a new product, etc.)
français > anglais
     1. n. pilot (controller of aircraft)
           Le pilote a réussi à quitter son avion juste avant le crash.
     2. n. pilot (controller of vessel)


Exemples de phrases

I wonder if the pilot is still in there. 
We already have you as an auto pilot
However, I personally believe its pilot is in there and probably listening to our every word and not out roaming about. 
That means the pilot is in there unless this electric shock is some kind of automated defense system. 
I used to be a fighter pilot, I learned to keep my cool. 

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