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Spanish Phrasebook

Set 1

Learn some of the most helpful and basic phrases in Spanish. They are divided into smaller sets to help you learn in stages. Use the games and exercises below to learn them.

English Spanish
Yes pleaseSí, por favor
No thanksNo, gracias
Thank youGracias
I'm sorryLo siento
You're welcomeDe nada
Good morningBuenos días
Good nightBuenas noches
Good eveningBuenas tardes
See you laterHasta luego
Excuse meDisculpe
What is your name?¿Cómo te llamas?
I don't speak German.No hablo alemán.
Sorry I do not understand.Disculpe, no entiendo
Do you understand me?¿Me entiende?
What is the time?¿Qué hora es?
It's three o'clock.Son las tres.
It is half past four.Son las cuatro y media.
It's quarter to five.Son las cinco menos cuarto.
It's quarter past six.Son las seis y cuarto.
It's ten to seven.Son las siete menos diez.
Do you speak German?¿Habla alemán?
My name is ...Me llamo ...