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Common Spanish Phrases

A list of the most common Spanish phrases ordered by their frequency of use. Normally these phrases have meanings that are more than the sum of their parts, more than their component words would indicate, so they are good to learn even if you know their individual words.

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1 para que
          1. conj. so that (followed by the subjunctive)
                Preparé la comida para que podamos cenar = "I prepared food so that we can eat supper.".
2 como si
          1. conj. (with imperfect subjunctive) as if; as though
3 sin embargo
          1. adv. however, notwithstanding, nevertheless, in spite of, nonetheless
                Sin embargo, requiere mucho trabajo. - However, it requires a lot of work.
4 si no
          1. prep. if not
          2. prep. otherwise
5 un poco
          1. adv. a bit
          2. adv. a little
6 por qué
          1. adv. why, for what reason
7 a veces
          1. adv. sometimes; occasionally; at times
                A veces es necesario hacer cosas que no te gustan. - Sometimes, it is necessary to do things you don't like.
8 hasta que
          1. conj. until
9 dentro de
          1. prep. in, inside
10 tal vez
          1. adv. maybe, perhaps
11 de nuevo
          1. adv. again
12 a pesar de
          1. prep. in spite of
13 por eso
          1. conj. therefore, that is why
          2. interj. I mean(t) that
          3. interj.          ...por eso, debo comprar los boletos antes = "I mean that, I must buy tickets before".
14 ya que
          1. conj. as, due to, since
15 sobre todo
          1. adv. especially
16 cada vez
          1. adv. every time
          2. adv. more and more, increasingly
17 a ver
          1. interj. used to encourage or challenge; go!
          2. interj. indicates the need or desire of find out, verify or demonstrate; show me
          3. interj. let me see; let's see
18 a través de
          1. adv. across
          2. adv. through
19 sin duda
          1. adv. without a doubt
20 otra vez
          1. adv. again
          2. interj. encore!
21 al fin
          1. adv. at last; finally
          2. adv. in the end
          3. adv. to the last
22 encima de
          1. prep. on
                El libro está encima de la mesa. - The book is on the table.
23 al menos
          1. adv. at least; at minimum
24 poco a poco
          1. adv. little by little, step by step, gradually
25 al lado
          1. prep. next to; beside
                Mi cuarto de baño está al lado de mi dormitorio.
                  My bathroom is next to my bedroom.
26 es más
          1. adv. furthermore, what's more
                No pido salvación, es más, no la deseo. (I don't ask for salvation, furthermore I don't wish it.)
27 no obstante
          1. conj. notwithstanding; albeit
          2. conj. nevertheless
          3. conj. however
          4. conj. yet
28 nada más
          1. pron. nothing else
          2. prep. (formal) Just after, right after, upon
                Nada más llegar, le besé. - Upon arriving, I kissed him.
29 en cambio
          1. conj. however, but, on the other hand.
30 por lo menos
          1. adv. at least
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