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no faltaba más


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no faltaba más
     1. Phrase. don't mention it; you're welcome
     1. adv. no
     2. adv. not
     3. interj. eh? (used as a tag question, to emphasise what goes before or to request that the listener express an opinion about what has been said)
     4. n-m. no
     5. n-m. abbreviation of número; no.
     1. v. third-person singular imperfect indicative of faltar
          1. v. (indtr, a, intr=1) to be lacking, lack, not have
                Te falta imaginación. - Imagination lacks to you.
          2. v. (intransitive) to remain
                ¿Cuánto tiempo falta? - How much time left?
                Falta un mes para mi cumpleaños. - My birthday is a month away.
     1. adv. more; -er (used to make comparisons)
           Teresa es más lista que su hermano. - Teresa is more clever than her brother.
           Hay más de cien personas aquí. - There are more than a hundred people here.
     2. adv. (with definite article) most; -est (used to make superlatives)
           Teresa es la más inteligente de la clase. - Teresa is the most intelligent in her class.

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