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Oye, me pones nervioso.



You make me so restless.


Ponerse + adjetivo expresa un cambio de estado de ánimo.


     1. interj. (exclamation) hey
     2. v. informal second-person singular affirmative imperative of oír
     3. v. formal second-person singular present indicative of oír
     4. v. third-person singular present indicative of oír
          1. v. (intransitive) to hear
          2. v. to hear (passively perceive a sound)
          3. v. to listen to (actively pay attention to a sound or a person speaking)
          4. v. to heed; to listen to
          5. v. ====Notes====
          6. v. Interchanging oír and escuchar is not considered correct, although this is very common in native speakers.
     1. pron. (personal, direct object) me
     2. pron. (personal, indirect object) to me, for me
     3. pron. (personal, reflexive pronoun) myself
     1. v. informal second-person singular present indicative of poner
          1. v. (transitive, reflexive, or non-reflexive) to put
          2. v. to set
          3. v. (reflexive) to get
          4. v. to choose, to designate (for a job, charge or responsibility)
          5. v. (reflexive) to put on (clothing, shoes)
          6. v. to name, to give a nickname
          7. v. (intransitive) (of a heavenly body) to sink beneath the horizon.
          8. v. (Mexico, slang) to contribute; to bring.
          9. v. (electronics) to play
          10. v. (Spain, colloquial, transitive) To turn on, make horny
me pones
          1. v. , to put on, as in clothing.
          2. v. to become (used with adjective)
          3. v. to set (sun)
          4. v. to begin (doing something)
     1. adj. nervous

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