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Llevo dos años aprendiendo alemán.




I've been learning German for two years.


La expresión Llevar + Gerundio expresa que el sujeto ha estado realizando la acción del verbo en Gerundio durante un determinado periodo de tiempo.


     1. v. first-person singular present indicative of llevar
          1. v. to take, to carry, to take away, to carry away, to carry around, to bring, to bear, to lug (implies to move something further from who speaks)
          2. v. to take, to take out (implies moving someone further from the speaker)
          3. v. (indtr, a, intr=1) to lead, to lead to, to drive, to drive to
          4. v. to have spent time, have been
          5. v. to wear (ellipsis of the more formal llevar puesto)
          6. v. to have, include (have as a component, part, accessory or ingredient)
          7. v. to give a lift, to give a ride
          8. v. (colloquial) to hold up, to be doing, to cope
          9. v. to wear
          10. v. (informal) to be in, to be fashionable
     1. num. two
     2. n. plural of do
          1. n-m. do (musical note)
          2. n-m. C (musical note or key)
          3. adv. (obsolete) where
          4. pron. (obsolete) where
     1. n. plural of año
          1. n-m. year
          2. n-m. (a certain) age
     1. v. gerund of aprender
          1. v. to learn (to acquire, or attempt to acquire knowledge or an ability to do something)
          2. v. to teach
     1. adj. German (relating to Germany or to the German language)
     2. n-m. German (inhabitant of Germany or person of German descent)
     3. n-m. German (language)

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