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llevar a cabo


Spanish > English
llevar a cabo
     1. v. carry out, fulfill, accomplish
Spanish > Spanish
llevar a cabo
     1. Hacer y completar una tarea; efectuar completamente; ejecutar; conducir (llevar) algo a su fin (cabo).
           «El gobierno llevó a cabo una reestructuración».
     2. Iniciar, acometer, emprender.
     1. v. to take, carry, take away, carry away, bring (implies to move something further from who speaks)
           Le llevaré un regalo a Rosa para su cumpleaños. - I will take a present to Rosa for her birthday.
     2. v. to lead away; to take (implies moving someone further from the speaker)
           Llevamos a las chicas al cine. - We're taking the girls to the movies.
     3. v. to have spent time, have been
     1. prep. to
     2. prep. by
     3. prep. at
     4. prep. Used before words referring to people, pets, or personified objects or places that function as direct objects: personal a.
           Lo busca a usted. - He is looking for you.
     1. n. end, edge, extremity (furthest or terminal point of something)
     2. n. end, finish, conclusion (terminal point of something in time)
     3. n. stub, butt, stump (something blunted, stunted, burnt to a stub, or cut short)
     4. n. (nautical) cable, rope (strong rope or chain, especially used to moor or anchor a ship)
     5. n. (geography) cape, headland (piece or point of land, extending beyond the adjacent coast into a sea or lake)

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