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hocher de la tête

hocher de la tête
to nod


French > English
hocher de la tête
     1. to nod
English > French
     1. n. Signe de tête, hochement.
     2. n. (Figuré) Action de faire oui de la tête.
           to give someone the nod (to give someone a go-ahead signal)
     3. n. Salut de la tête.
           He gave his colleague a nod as he passed by.
     4. n. Référence, allusion à quelque chose.
           This was a nod towards the name of the shop of someone I admired.
     5. v. Dodeliner, hocher de la tête.
           nod one's head yes, nod
     6. v. Faire oui de la tête.
           She nodded to give her assent.
     7. v. Saluer de la tête.
           He nodded to the colleague as he passed by.


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