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anglais > français
     1. n. Sel (utilisé dans l'alimentation).
     2. n. (Chimie) Sel.
     3. n. (Crypto) Octets ajoutés au hasard à un message avant son cryptage, afin d'augmenter la difficulté de retrouver ce dernier par piratage.
     4. adj. Salé.
     5. v. Saler.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A common substance, chemically consisting mainly of sodium chloride (NaCl), used extensively as a condiment and preservative.
     2. n. (chemistry) One of the compounds formed from the reaction of an acid with a base, where a positive ion replaces a hydrogen of the acid.
     3. n. (uncommon) A salt marsh, a saline marsh at the shore of a sea.
     4. n. (slang) A sailor (also old salt).
     5. n. (cryptography) Randomly chosen bytes added to a plaintext message prior to encrypting or hashing it, in order to render brute-force decryption more difficult.
     6. n. A person who seeks employment at a company in order to (once employed by it) help unionize it.
     7. n. (obsolete) Flavour; taste; seasoning.
     8. n. (obsolete) Piquancy; wit; sense.
           Attic salt
     9. n. (obsolete) A dish for salt at table; a salt cellar.
     10. n. (figurative) Skepticism and common sense.
           Any politician's statements must be taken with a grain of salt, but his need to be taken with a whole shaker of salt.
     11. n. (Internet slang) Indignation; outrage; arguing.
           There was so much salt in that thread about the poor casting decision.
     12. adj. Salty; salted.
           salt beef;  salt tears
     13. adj. Saline.
           a salt marsh;  salt grass
     14. adj. Related to salt deposits, excavation, processing or use.
           a salt mine
           The salt factory is a key connecting element in the seawater infrastructure.
     15. adj. (figurative, obsolete) Bitter; sharp; pungent.
     16. adj. (figurative, obsolete) Salacious; lecherous; lustful; (of animals) in heat.
     17. v. To add salt to.
           to salt fish, beef, or pork; to salt the city streets in the winter
     18. v. (intransitive) To deposit salt as a saline solution.
           The brine begins to salt.
     19. v. To fill with salt between the timbers and planks, as a ship, for the preservation of the timber.
     20. v. To insert or inject something into an object to give it properties it would not naturally have.
     21. v.          (mining) To blast metal into (as a portion of a mine) in order to cause to appear to be a productive seam.
     22. v.          (archaeology) To add bogus evidence to an archeological site.
     23. v. To include colorful language in.
     24. v. (cryptography) To add filler bytes before encrypting, in order to make brute-force decryption more resource-intensive.
français > anglais
     1. n. table salt, i.e. sodium chloride (NaCl)
     2. n. (chemistry) salt
     3. n. (in the plural) smelling salts


Exemples de phrases

Can you pass me that salt
With plenty of salt and vinegar. 
I heard you ran the old ship aground, but this far out of salt water is extraordinary. 
Check the seasoning, salt to taste, then add the herbs. 
Like grains of salt, or pepper. 

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