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The Spanish word for to listen is

to listen

Spanish Definition

     1. Escuchar.

Translations for listen and their definitions

     1. v. to listen to, to hear out
           ¿Has escuchado su último disco? - Have you listened to her latest record?
     2. v. to listen
           Cállate y escucha. - Be quiet and listen.
     3. v. (Latin America, informal) to hear
           Claudia trabajaba en su oficina cuando escuchó el staccato de chasquidos secos: pá-pá-pá. - Claudia was working in her office when she heard the staccato of dry clicks: bang-bang-bang.

     1. v. to hear
           ¡Oiga, por favor! - Hear, please!
     2. v. to hear (passively perceive a sound)
           Oí ruidos extraños viniendo desde detrás de la puerta y tuve miedo. - I heard strange noises coming from behind the door and got scared.
     3. v. to listen to (actively pay attention to a sound or a person speaking)
           Cada mañana oigo el canto de los pájaros. - Every morning I listen to the singing of the birds.
     4. v. to heed; to listen to

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