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mal de ojo


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mal de ojo
     1. n-m. evil eye (curse done by a malevolent gaze)
     1. adj. (before the noun) apocopic form of malo bad; evil
     2. adv. badly; poorly
     3. n-m. evil, harm; a bad thing or situation
           de mal en peor - from bad to worse
     4. n-m. disease, illness, ailment
     1. prep. of; ’s; used after the thing owned and before the owner
           Constitución española de 1812 - Spanish constitution of 1812
           la cola del perro - the dog’s tail
     2. prep. from
           Soy de España. - I’m from Spain.
     1. n. eye
     2. n. keyhole
     3. interj. look! watch out!

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