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jaque mate


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jaque mate
     1. n-m. (chess) checkmate, mate
     1. n. (chess) check
     2. n. jeopardy
     3. v. informal second-person singular affirmative imperative of jaquir
     4. v. formal second-person singular present indicative of jaquir
     5. v. third-person singular present indicative of jaquir
          1. v. (dated) to forsake, to abandon
          1. v. (dated) to forsake, to abandon
     1. adj. matte (not reflective of light)
     2. n. (chess) mate, checkmate
     3. n. (colloquial, El Salvador) A hand gesture.
     4. n. The drink maté, prepared of yerba maté.
     5. n. A hollow gourd or cup in which maté is traditionally served.
          1. v. to put out, extinguish (a flame or light)
          2. v. to kill, slay
          3. v. to butcher
          4. v. to injure, damage
          5. v. to fatigue, exhaust, tire out

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