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echar a perder


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echar a perder
     1. v. to spoil, ruin
Spanish > Spanish
echar a perder
     1. Malograr el correcto funcionamiento de una cosa.
     2. Dicho de alimentos, descomponerse o podrirse.
     3. Degradar, corromper, pervertir, mancillar.
     1. v. to throw, toss, cast (to release an object from one's grasp so that it moves through the air)
     2. v. to pour (to cause to flow in a stream from a container)
     3. v. to put in, add
     4. v. to let out
     5. v. to dump
     1. prep. to
     2. prep. by
     3. prep. at
     4. prep. Used before words referring to people, pets, or personified objects or places that function as direct objects: personal a.
           Lo busca a usted. - He is looking for you.
     1. v. to lose
     2. v. to miss
     3. v. to waste
     4. v. (reflexive) to get lost

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