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     1. n. (Anatomie) Doigt. Parfois exclut le pouce.
     2. v. Indiquer avec le doigt.
     3. v. (Sexualité) Doigter.
     4. v. (Musique) Doigter.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. (anatomy) A slender jointed extremity of the human hand, (often) exclusive of the thumb.
           Humans have two hands and ten fingers. Each hand has one thumb and four fingers.
     2. n. (zoology) Similar or similar-looking extremities in other animals, particularly:
     3. n.          The lower, smaller segment of an arthropod claw.
     4. n.          One of the supporting structures of wings in birds, bats, etc. evolved from earlier toes or fingers.
     5. n.          One of the slender bony structures before the pectoral fins of gurnards and sea robin, pl=s (Triglidae).
     6. n. Something similar in shape to the human finger, particularly:
     7. n.          (cuisine) Finger-shaped pieces of food.
                   chocolate fingers; fish fingers; cheese fingers
     8. n.          (chemistry) A tube extending from a sealed system, or sometimes into one in the case of a cold finger.
     9. n.          (UK regional, botany, usually in plural, obsolete) (altname, foxglove) (D. purpurea).
     10. n. Something similarly extending, (especially) from a larger body, particularly:
           a finger of land; a finger of smoke
     11. n.          (botany) Various protruding plant structures, as a banana from its hand.
     12. n.          (anatomy, obsolete) A lobe of the liver.
     13. n.          (historical) The teeth parallel to the blade of a scythe, fitted to a wooden frame called a crade.
     14. n.          The projections of a reaper or mower which similarly separate the stalks for cutting.
     15. n.          (nautical) (clipping of finger pier): a shorter, narrower pier projecting from a larger dock.
     16. n.          (aviation) (altname, jet bridge): the narrow elevated walkway connecting a plane to an airport.
     17. n. Something similar in function or agency to the human finger, (usually) with regard to touching, grasping, or pointing.
     18. n.          (obsolete) (altname, hand), the part of a clock pointing to the hour, minute, or second.
     19. n.          (US, obsolete slang) A policeman or prison guard.
     20. n.          (US, rare slang) An informer to the police, (especially) one who identifies a criminal during a lineup.
     21. n.          (US, rare slang) A criminal who scouts for prospective victims and targets or who performs reconnaissance before a crime.
     22. n. (units of measure) Various units of measure based or notionally based on the adult human finger, particularly
     23. n.          (historical) (altname, digit): former units of measure notionally based on its width but variously standardized, (especially) the English digit of frac
     24. n.          (historical) A unit of length notionally based on the length of an adult human's middle finger, standardized as 4½(nbsp)inches (11.43nbspcm).
     25. n.          (historical) (altname, digit): frac, 1, 12 the observed diameter of the sun or moon, (especially) with regard to eclipses.
     26. n.          (originally US) An informal measure of alcohol based on its height in a given glass compared to the width of the pourer's fingers while holding it.
                    Gimme three fingers of bourbon.
     27. n. (fashion) A part of a glove intended to cover a finger.
     28. n. (informal, obsolete) Skill in the use of the fingers, as in playing upon a musical instrument.
     29. n. (informal, rare) Someone skilled in the use of their fingers, (especially) a pickpocket.
     30. n. (UK slang) A person.
     31. n. A chicken finger.
     32. n. (especially in the phrase 'give someone the finger') An obscene or insulting gesture made by raising one's middle finger towards someone with the palm of one's hand facing inwards.
     33. v. To identify or point out. Also put the finger on. To report to or identify for the authorities, rat on, rat out, squeal on, tattle on, turn in, to finger.
     34. v. To poke or probe with a finger or fingers.
     35. v. To use the fingers to penetrate and sexually stimulate one's own or another person's vagina or anus; to fingerbang
     36. v. (transitive, music) To use specified finger positions in producing notes on a musical instrument.
     37. v. (transitive, music) To provide instructions in written music as to which fingers are to be used to produce particular notes or passages.
     38. v. (transitive, computing) To query (a user's status) using the Finger protocol.
     39. v. (obsolete) To steal; to purloin.
     40. v. (transitive, obsolete) To execute, as any delicate work.
français > anglais
     1. n. finger
     2. n. toe
           Je vais me tremper les doigts de pied. - I'll dip my toes in the water.
     3. n. (by extension) small quantity, especially of a beverage (about a finger in height)
           un doigt de whiskey - a finger of whiskey


Exemples de phrases

When my dad left the room, my little sister gave me the finger! 
    Lorsque mon père quitta la pièce, ma petite sœur me fit un doigt d'honneur !
I never laid a finger on her. 
    Je n'ai jamais levé le petit doigt sur elle.
In a fit of anger I punched the wall and broke my index finger. 
    Dans un accès de colère, je cognai le mur et cassai mon index.
The finger approaches the tip of the nose. 
    Le doigt s'approche de l'extrémité du nez.
I caught my finger in the door. 
    Je me suis pincé le doigt dans la porte.

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