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anglais > français
     1. n. Inondation.
     2. n. Flot.
           flood of people
     3. v. S'immerger, couler.
     4. v. Inonder, envahir, submerger.
     5. v. Combler, abreuver.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A (usually disastrous) overflow of water from a lake or other body of water due to excessive rainfall or other input of water.
     2. n. (figuratively) A large number or quantity of anything appearing more rapidly than can easily be dealt with.
           a flood of complaints
     3. n. The flowing in of the tide, opposed to the ebb.
     4. n. A floodlight.
     5. n. Menstrual discharge; menses.
     6. n. (obsolete) Water as opposed to land.
     7. v. To overflow, as by water from excessive rainfall.
     8. v. To cover or partly fill as if by a flood.
           The floor was flooded with beer.
           They flooded the room with sewage.
     9. v. (figuratively) To provide (someone or something) with a larger number or quantity of something than can easily be dealt with.
           The station's switchboard was flooded with listeners making complaints.
     10. v. (Internet, ambitransitive) To paste numerous lines of text to (a chat system) in order to disrupt the conversation.
français > anglais
     1. n. flood (overflow of water)
     2. n. flood, inundation (a large influx of e.g. people)


Exemples de phrases

You had a flood here, remember? 
Rivers, gasping fishes, praise her in the flood, the awesome overflow of her ample lap. 
A second attempt to debate the autumn flood, the cramming of a substantial percentage of the most promising new titles of the year into September and October, has fallen through. 
Although individually moles are harmless, their burrowing can trip racehorses, damage mowers, breach flood defences, and drive gardeners to distraction. 

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