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     1. Substantiv:
     2. [1] Notiz, Vermerk
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     1. subst. (heading) A symbol or annotation.
     2. subst.    A mark or token by which a thing may be known; a visible sign; a character; a distinctive mark or feature; a characteristic quality.
     3. subst.   * 1841, John Henry Newman, “A Letter to the Right Reverend Father in God, Richard, Lord Bishop of Oxford, on Occasion of No. 90, in the Series Called The Tracts for the Times”, Oxford: Joh
     4. subst.   *: She the Anglican church has the Note of possession, the Note of freedom from party-titles ; the Note of life, a tough life and a vigorous ; she has ancient descent, unbroken continuance
     5. subst.    A mark, or sign, made to call attention, to point out something to notice, or the like; a sign, or token, proving or giving evidence.
     6. subst.    A brief remark; a marginal comment or explanation; hence, an annotation on a text or author; a comment; a critical, explanatory, or illustrative observation.
     7. subst. (heading) A written or printed communication or commitment.
     8. subst.    A brief piece of writing intended to assist the memory; a memorandum; a minute.
             I left him a note to remind him to take out the trash.
     9. subst.    A short informal letter; a billet.
     10. subst.    A diplomatic missive or written communication.
     11. subst.    (finance) A written or printed paper acknowledging a debt, and promising payment
     12. subst.   : a promissory note
     13. subst.   : a note of hand
     14. subst.   : a negotiable note
     15. subst.    (obsolete) A list of items or of charges; an account.
     16. subst.   * (RQ:Shakespeare Henry 4-2, V, i, passage=Heere is now the Smithes note, for Shooing, / And Plough-Irons.)
     17. subst.    A piece of paper money; a banknote.
             I didn't have any coins to pay with, so I used a note.
     18. subst.    (extension) A small size of paper used for writing letters or notes.
     19. subst. (music, heading) A sound.
     20. subst.    A character, variously formed, to indicate the length of a tone, and variously placed upon the staff to indicate its pitch.
     21. subst.    A musical sound; a tone; an utterance; a tune.
     22. subst.   * (RQ:Milton Lost, III), :
     23. subst.   *: Then feed on thoughts, that voluntarie move / Harmonious numbers ; as the wakeful Bird / Sings darkling, and in ſhadieſt Covert hid / Tunes her nocturnal Note.
     24. subst.    (extension) A key of the piano or organ.
     25. subst. Observation; notice; heed.
     26. subst. Reputation; distinction.
           a poet of note
     27. subst. (obsolete) Notification; information; intelligence.
     28. subst. (obsolete) Mark of disgrace.
     29. v. To notice with care; to observe; to remark; to heed.
           If you look to the left, you can note the old cathedral.
     30. v. To record in writing; to make a memorandum of.
           We noted his speech.
     31. v. To denote; to designate.
           The modular multiplicative inverse of x may be noted x.
     32. v. To annotate.
     33. v. To set down in musical characters.
     34. v. To record on the back of (a bill, draft, etc.) a refusal of acceptance, as the ground of a protest, which is done officially by a notary.
     35. subst. (un, UK dialectal, Northern England, Ireland, Scotland) That which is needed or necessary; business; duty; work.
     36. subst. (_) The giving of milk by a cow or sow; the period following calving or farrowing during which a cow or sow is at her most useful (i.e. gives milk); the milk given by a cow or sow during such a period
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     1. n-f. (music) note (character indicating the length and pitch of a tone)
     2. n-f. (diplomacy) note
     3. n-f. (school) grade, mark



I can see it's a note
He was also a composer of note, particularly of theatre and film music. 
Makes a note in the binder. 
The note got pre-empted, but I'm going to fix that. 
The family support worker smiles sympathetically and writes a note in her file. 

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