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The Spanish word for to turn is

to turn

Spanish Definition

     1. Girar, rotar.
     2. Voltear.
     3. Dirigir, desviar.
           She turned his attention to his son.
           "Ella desvió su atención hacia su hijo".
     4. Tornar, retornar.
     5. Doblar, dar vuelta.
           She was turning the corner.
           "Ella estaba doblando la esquina".
     6. Volverse, transformarse.
     7. n. Giro.
     8. n. Vuelta.
     9. n. Curva, recodo.
     10. n. Turno.
     11. n. Número, acto.
           The show opened with a musical turn.
           "El espectáculo abrió con un número musical".

Translations for turn and their definitions

     1. v. to fold
     2. v. to double
     3. v. to bend, to turn
     4. v. to dub
     5. v. to lap (to overtake a straggler in a race by completing one more whole lap than the straggler)
     6. v. to toll
     7. v. to bend, to become curved

     1. n-m. turn, spin
           navegación giro a giro - turn-by-turn navigation
     2. n-m. tour
     3. n-m. giro, a money transfer
     4. n-m. economical activity type or kind
     5. n-m. spin number
     6. n-m. turn of events, development
     7. v. first-person singular present indicative of girar

     1. n-m. turn (chance to use (something) shared in sequence with others)
     2. n-m. turn (chance to make a move in a game)
     3. n-m. shift (set group of workers or period of working time)
     4. n-m. duty, guard
           de turno - on duty
     5. n-m. emergency service
     6. n-m. (Argentina) appointment
     7. v. first-person singular present indicative of turnar

     1. v. to turn, pivot
           Gira a la izquierda. - Turn to the left.
     2. v. to spin, rotate, revolve, twirl, gyrate
           La tierra gira alrededor del sol. - The earth revolves around the sun.

     1. v. to return
     2. v. to come back; to go back
     3. v. to put back
     4. v. to change
     5. v. to do again (+ a + infinitive)
     6. v. to revive (to recover from a state of unconsciousness)
     7. v. to become (e.g. change in a characteristic, nature of something or status)

     1. v. to veer
     2. v. (nautical) to tack

     1. v. to return, to revert, to get back
           Vuelvan a trabajar. / Vuelva al trabajo. - Get back to work.
     2. v. to come back, go back
           Si realmente estás pensando en volver a aquel lugar sucio, debes haberte enloquecido totalmente. - If you're really thinking about going back to that filthy place, you must have gone totally cr
     3. v. to do again
           Volvió a olvidarse de la foto. - He forgot the photo again.
     4. v. to turn
     5. v. to become, to get
           Me estoy volviendo loco. - I am going crazy.
     6. v. to make, to drive
           Esto me está volviendo loco. - This is driving me mad.
           Me vuelves loco. - You drive me crazy.
     7. v. to turn

     1. v. to rebel against
     2. v. to rebel

     1. v. to turn (as on a lathe)

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