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The Spanish word for to run is

to run

Spanish Definition

     1. Correr.
     2. Mover.
     3. Funcionar, estar en marcha.
     4. Dirigir.
     5. Circular, pasar.
     6. Durar, estar vigente.
     7. Conducir, tener.
     8. Deslavar, correrse, desteñirse.
     9. Llevar, conducir.
     10. Volverse.
     11. n. Carrera
     12. n. Viaje, paseo.
     13. n. Racha, período, etapa.
     14. n. Corral, gallinero.

Translations for run and their definitions

     1. v. to run, jog
     2. v. to flow
     3. v. to shoo, chase away, drive away
     4. v. to throw out; to fire; to expel
     5. v. to walk away
     6. v. to cop out, to shirk
     7. v. to elapse (time)
     8. v. to go around, spread (rumors)
     9. v. to rush
     10. v. to draw (curtains)
     11. v. (takes a reflexive pronoun, Spain) to have an orgasm
           ¡Me corro! - I'm cumming!
     12. v. to move
     13. n-m. course, passing (of time)
           con el (al) correr de los años (tiempo, reloj) - with the passing of years (time, clock)

     1. Proper noun. a Spanish surname
     2. n-f. race
           Es una carrera contra el tiempo. - It's a race against time.
     3. n-f. run (act of running)
     4. n-f. (baseball) run
     5. n-f. (academics) course of study
           Es una carrera de cuatro años. - The course takes four years to complete.
           Estoy haciendo la carrera de sociología. - I'm majoring in sociology.
     6. n-f. career
           El escándalo arruinó su carrera. - The scandal ruined his career.
     7. n-f. run (line of knit stitches which have unravelled)
           Tienes una carrera en las medias. - Your pantyhose has a run in it.
     8. n-f. journey, fare (of a taxi)
     9. n-f. path ((of a moving object)), trajectory
     10. n-f. (Colombia) avenue generally in a north–south direction and vice versa, as opposed to a calle (east–west or vice versa)
     11. n-f. female equivalent of carrero

     1. v. to flow

     1. v. to execute, to run (enact or carry out)
     2. v. to execute (carry out a death sentence)
     3. v. to perform (a piece of music, a dance, etc.)

     1. v. to gallop

     1. v. to pull out
     2. v. to unsheathe (a sword, dagger, etc.)
     3. v. to rip, to tear
     4. v. to start (a machine)
     5. v. to get going, get started
     6. v. to run away

     1. v. to flow into

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