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The Spanish word for to hold is

to hold

Spanish Definition

     1. sostener
     2. agarre

Translations for hold and their definitions

     1. v. to hold, to hold up, to prop up, to sustain, to underpin (physically)
     2. v. to sustain, to support, to keep (i.e. to give continuity to)
     3. v. to support, to uphold, to hold, to sustain, to contend, to maintain, to argue, to claim, to underpin, to defend

     1. n-m. grip, grasp
     2. n-m. Andalusia synonym of agarrada
     3. v. formal second-person singular affirmative imperative of agarrar

     1. v. to keep
           Mantenga la tapa cerrada, por favor. - Keep the lid closed, please.
     2. v. to maintain, to support
           Yo mantengo a mis hijos. - I support my children.
     3. v. to sustain, to preserve, to retain, to uphold
     4. v. to maintain, continue, to keep up
           Mantengan el buen trabajo. - Keep up the good work.
     5. v. to stay, to remain
     6. v. to maintain, to keep, to stay, to remain
           Me voy a mantener despierto toda la noche estudiando la gramática española. - I'm going to stay lit. keep myself awake all night studying Spanish grammar.
     7. v. to stand, to hold, to remain, to continue (e.g. hold firm, stand strong, stand together, stand on one's feet)
           Debemos mantenernos firmes exigiendo libertad. - We must stand firm in demanding freedom.
     8. v. to stick to (e.g. stick to one's guns)
     9. v. to be maintained, to be retained, to be sustained

     1. v. to stop, halt, to pause
     2. v. to arrest
     3. v. to detain
     4. v. to pull over

     1. v. to contain
     2. v. to hold
           contener el aliento - hold one's breath
     3. v. to restrain, check
     4. v. to control

     1. v. to reserve, keep, save
     2. v. to put aside, set aside
     3. v. to put off, postpone
     4. v. to exempt, exonerate
     5. v. to conceal, keep secret
     6. v. to book
     7. v. to reserve, to retain (one's right to something or one's judgment/opinion)
     8. v. to be reserved, to be set aside

     1. n-f. reservoir, dam
     2. n-f. piece of meat
     3. n-f. portion or piece of food
     4. n-f. capture
     5. n-f. prey
     6. n-f. stolen good
     7. n-f. sluice (artificial passage of water)
     8. n-f. weir
     9. n-f. female equivalent of preso
     10. adj. feminine singular of preso

     1. v. to steady, hold, secure, attach, fasten
     2. v. to subject

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