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The Spanish word for to drink is

to drink

Spanish Definition

     1. vt. Beber, tomar.
     2. n. Bebida

Translations for drink and their definitions

     1. n-f. drink, beverage
           ¿Quieres una bebida? - Do you want a drink?
     2. n-f. (Chile) soda (soft drink)
     3. adj. feminine singular of bebido
     4. Participle. feminine singular of bebido

     1. v. to drink
           Voy a beberme un vaso de agua - I am going to drink (myself) a glass of water
     2. v. to draw from (to be inspired by)
           Su narrativa bebe de lo personal - Her narrative draws from personal (experience)

     1. n-m. gulp
     2. n-m. (alcoholic) drink
     3. n-m. booze
     4. n-m. (colloquial) difficulty, problem, issue
     5. v. first-person singular present indicative of tragar

     1. v. to take
           Los niños toman clases de inglés - The children take English classes
           Me tomó mucho tiempo - It took me a long time
           Tómalo con calma. - Take it easy.
           Me tomaron por un loco. - They took me for a lunatic.
     2. v. to drink, have (especially an alcoholic beverage)
           Tomo una sidra. (I'll have a cider.)
     3. v. to take (travel by means of)
           tomar el tren - to take the train

     1. n-f. stemmed glass, glass, goblet or its content
           una copa de vino - a glass of wine / a wine glass
     2. n-f. (figuratively) cocktail, drink
     3. n-f. crown, treetop
     4. n-f. cup, trophy (prize in sports)
     5. n-f. cup, competition (sports competition)
     6. n-f. cup of a brassiere
     7. n-f. hollow of a hat
     8. n-f. (card games) heart or a card of the hearts suit (on Spanish cards, the symbol is of a goblet)
     9. n-f. brake head
     10. v. third-person singular present indicative of copar

     1. n-m. (Mexico) drink (served alcoholic beverage)

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