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nel giro di


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nel giro di
     1. adv. Within, in less than.
     1. contr. (contraction of in il) in the
          1. prep. in
          2. prep. to
          3. prep. into
          4. prep. by
          1. art. the
     1. n. turn, twist, rotation, revolution
     2. n. detour
     3. n. lap (of a race)
     4. n. tour, trip
     5. n. (in the plural) rounds (of a postman etc)
          1. vt. to turn, to stir, to wind
          2. vt. to tour, to travel, to go round
          3. vt. to pass
          4. vt. to endorse, to transfer
          5. vt. (cinema) to shoot, to film, to act in
     1. prep. of, ’s (but used after the thing owned and before the owner)
     2. prep. from
     3. prep. by, of, ’s
     4. prep. than
     5. prep. (in superlative forms) in, of

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