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Set 1

If you're new to Italian this is the page to start with on Lexis Rex. Below is a small set of words to begin learning, go through the set and each day learn two or three or more new words. Once you know a handful of words, you can start playing our games to reinforce your familiarity with them and start building your vocabulary and game scores. When you have learnt the whole set, there are 9 more Beginner sets to continue with, or you can try out the Intermediate games.

English Italian Pronounce Images
bird uccellopronunciationuccello
face visopronunciationviso
hand manopronunciationmano
head testapronunciationtesta
heart cuorepronunciationcuore
door portapronunciationporta
home casapronunciationcasa
light lucepronunciationluce
table tavolopronunciationtavolo
shirt camiciapronunciationcamicia
to drink berepronunciationbere
to eat mangiarepronunciationmangiare
to hold tenerepronunciationtenere
to listen ascoltarepronunciationascoltare
to look guardarepronunciationguardare
to run correrepronunciationcorrere
to talk parlarepronunciationparlare
to turn svoltarepronunciationsvoltare
car macchinapronunciationmacchina
river fiumepronunciationfiume
boy ragazzopronunciationragazzo
father padrepronunciationpadre
friend amicopronunciationamico
girl ragazzapronunciationragazza
man uomopronunciationuomo
mother madrepronunciationmadre
son figliopronunciationfiglio
woman donnapronunciationdonna
book libropronunciationlibro
one unopronunciation
school scuolapronunciationscuola
two duepronunciation
three trepronunciation
Monday lunedìpronunciation
Tuesday martedìpronunciation


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