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Italian Phrasebook

Set 1

Learn some of the most helpful and basic phrases in Italian. They are divided into smaller sets to help you learn in stages. Use the games and exercises below to learn them.

English Italian
Yes pleaseSì grazie
No thanksNo grazie
Thank youGrazie
I'm sorryMi dispiace
You're welcomePrego
Good morningBuongiorno
Good nightBuona notte
Good eveningBuona serata
See you laterA dopo
Excuse meMi scusi
What is your name?Come ti chiami?
I don't speak German.Non parlo tedesco.
Sorry I do not understand.Mi scusi non capisco.
Do you understand me?Mi scusi mi capisce?
What is the time?Che ora è?
It's three o'clock.Sono le tre.
It is half past four.Sono le quattro e mezza.
It's quarter to five.Sono le cinque meno un quarto.
It's quarter past six.Sono le sei e un quarto.
It's ten to seven.Sono le sette meno dieci.
Do you speak German?Parla tedesco?
My name is ...Mi chiamo ...