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Kannst du mir 'Das weiße Album' von den Beatles brennen?


Can you burn 'The White Album' from The Beatles for me?


     v. second-person singular present of können
          v. (auxiliary, with an infinitive, past participle: “können”) To be able (to do something); can.
          v. (auxiliary, with an infinitive, past participle: “können”) To be allowed (to do something); to be permitted (to do something); may.
          v. (transitive, past participle: “gekonnt”) To know how to do (something); to know; to understand; to be able to do (something); to be capable of; can do (something).
          v. (intransitive, past participle: “gekonnt”) To be able to do something implied; can.
          v. (intransitive, colloquial, usually in negation) to be possible, to make sense
     pron. thou, you (singular familiar)
     pron. (personal) dative of ich: me, to me:
     pron. (regional, dialectal or colloquial) alternative form of wir we
     adj. inflected form of weiß
     v. first-person singular present of weißen
     v. imperative of weißen
     v. first-person singular subjunctive I of weißen
     v. third-person singular subjunctive I of weißen
          v. to whiten
          adj. -->, strong, gen, and, acc, m, s, ;
          adj. -->, strong, gen, n, s, ;
          adj. -->, strong, dat, p, ;
          adj. -->, weak, and, mixed, gen, and, dat, and, acc, m, s, ;
          adj. -->, weak, and, mixed, gen, and, dat, f, and, n, s, ;
          adj. -->, weak, and, mixed, all cases, p
          adj. white
          v. first-person singular present of wissen
          v. third-person singular present of wissen
     prep. from
     prep. of, belonging to (often replacing genitive; see usage note below)
     prep. by (with passive voice)
     prep. about, of (a topic)
     prep. on, with (a resource)
     art. the; accusative masculine singular of der
     art. the; dative plural for all genders of der
     pron. that; whom; accusative singular of der
     v. (intransitive) to burn; to light on fire
     v. (intransitive) to burn; to be on fire
     v. (intransitive) to have a strong affection for; to be affectionate
     v. (intransitive) to be lit, to be on (of a light or lamp)
     v. (intransitive) to irritate; to induce pain or another pianful sensation; to bite; to sting (especially in the eyes)
     v. (intransitive) to smart; to sting (a sore or wound)
     v. to fire; to bake; to kiln (tiles and pottery)
     v. to distil (alcoholic beverages such as schnapps)
     v. (transitive, computing) to burn; to archive data on a storage medium. (such as CDs, DVDs, etc.)
     v. (intransitive, figuratively) to emit heat
     v. to roast
     v. to bream (clean a ship etc. by fire and scraping)

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