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The Lexis Rex website contains free games and exercises to give you a variety of ways to keep your German vocabulary building. What you see and use now on the site is free, but to remove the ads and access exclusive extras you can become a member. Members receive the following current benefits, and as we build new things into the site they may become accessible only via the membership.

Current benefits of being a member:
  • No advertising
  • The right hand ad is replaced by a panel with a handy on-page dynamic dictionary, live score display, integration with Your Words and quick links to pages you visit.
  • Bonus member only crosswords
  • Access to historical crosswords
More features will be added in the future.

Membership is $20 for one year, or you can get 2 months of access for $4.

Becoming a member will mean your User Id, shown here or via the yellow Settings menu option, will be used to identify you, without the need for log-ins and passwords. Once you have paid via PayPal you will have access to the benefits after a few minutes while the membership is processed. You will receive an acknowledgement email along with a copy of your User Id.

You can get a free trial by clicking below. You will have immediate access to the membership benefits for 7 days

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