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anglais > français
     1. n. Cerise.
     2. n. cherry tree : Cerisier, l'arbre (Note: cherry tree est plus commun).
     3. n. Cerisier, le bois de l'arbre.
     4. n. (Couleur) Cerise.
     5. n. (Argot) Désigne aussi la virginité d'une personne.
     6. adj. Qui a le goût de la cerise
     7. adj. Qui a la couleur de la cerise
     8. adj. (Informel) excellent, avantageux
           A few years earlier, I'd restored my '65 Mustang convertible to cherry condition
           Fire engine red, with matching tuck-and-roll
           And I wasn't surprised that it drew attention.
           Quelques années auparavant, j'avais restauré ma Mustang 65 cabriolé en rouge pompier pimpant avec le système de suspension sautant qui va bien et je n'étais pas surpris d'attirer l'attention.
anglais > anglais
     1. n. A small fruit, usually red, black or yellow, with a smooth hard seed and a short hard stem.
     2. n. Prunus subg. Cerasus, trees or shrubs that bear cherries.
     3. n. The wood of a cherry tree.
     4. n. Cherry red.
     5. n. (slang) Virginity, especially female virginity as embodied by a hymen.
     6. n. (graph theory) A subtree consisting of a node with exactly two leaves.
     7. n. (cricket) A cricket ball.
     8. adj. Containing or having the taste of cherries.
     9. adj. Of a bright red colour.
     10. adj. (informal, often, of cars) In excellent condition; mint condition.
français > anglais
     1. adj. cerise colour
     2. n. cherry (fruit)
     3. n. cerise


Exemples de phrases

I'd like to pop his cherry, but he's too damn fast. 
I also hate cherry cheesecake, but that's another matter. 

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