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Sie wurden von der Nacht verschlungen.


They were engulfed by the darkness (of the night).


     pron. you (polite; singular and plural)
     pron. she
     pron. it (when the object/article/thing/animal etc., referred to, is feminine die)
     pron. he (when the grammatical gender of the noun being referred to and designating a male person, is feminine die)
     pron. they; them
          pron. Nominative and accusative neuter third-person singular personal pronoun
          pron. (Impersonal pronoun used to refer to statements, activities, the environment etc., or as a placeholder/dummy pronoun) — it
          art. (regional, colloquial) alt form-lite, das
     v. first-person plural preterite of werden
     v. third-person plural preterite of werden
          v. (auxiliary) will; to be going (to do something); forms the future tense
          v. (auxiliary) would; forms the subjunctive tense of most verbs
          v. (auxiliary) to be done; forms the passive voice
          v. (copulative, past participle geworden) to become; to get; to grow; to turn
          v. (with a dative object and certain adjectives) to begin or come to feel or experience (a condition)
          v. (copulative, colloquial) to be, to happen, to occur (in the future)
          v. (colloquial) to be going to work
     prep. from
     prep. of, belonging to (often replacing genitive; see usage note below)
     prep. by (with passive voice)
     prep. about, of (a topic)
     prep. on, with (a resource)
     art. the
     art. feminine singular of der
     art. genitive plural of der
     pron. who; that; which
     pron. feminine dative singular of der: (to) whom, which, that
     pron. (attributive, stressed) that
     pron. (indicative) him, he
     pron. (differential) the one, him
     pron. feminine dative singular of der: (to) that, (to) her
     n. night
     n. darkness
     Participle. past participle of verschlingen
     adj. devoured, engulfed, consumed
     adj. convoluted, entwined, winding, labyrinthine
          v. to devour, to swallow up, to eat without chewing

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