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Depuis l'aube, les troupes passaient la Moselle.

     1. prep. since
           On a habité ici depuis l'an 2000.
             We've lived here since the year 2000.
     2. prep. since, ever since
           Depuis son arrivée à la tête du Barça, l'entraîneur catalan a tout gagné.
             Ever since he took the helm of Barça, the Catalan coach has won everything.
     3. prep. (regarding time) for ~
           Je vis ici depuis trois ans.
             I've lived here for three years.
     4. prep. (regarding time) for the last ~, over the past ~
           Le Marché Monétaire et Ses Crisis depuis Cinquante Ans
             The Money Market and Its Crisis over the Last Fifty Years
     5. prep. from
           Le train part depuis Stockholm.
             The train leaves from Stockholm.
     6. adv. (informal) ever since
depuis vingt ans
depuis quelque temps déjà
     1. art. The (definite article).
           Le lait du matin. - The milk of the morning.
           Je suis le valeureux Don Quichotte de la Manche, le défaiseur de torts et le réparateur d’iniquités. - I am the valiant Don Quixote of La Mancha, the undoer of wrongs and the repairer of iniqui
     2. art. Used before abstract nouns; not translated in English.
     3. art. (before parts of the body) The; my, your, etc.
           Il s’est cassé la jambe. - He has broken his leg.
     4. art. (before units) A, an.
           Cinquante kilomètres à l’heure. - fifty kilometres an hour
     5. pron. (direct object) Him, it.
     6. pron. (used to refer to something previously mentioned or implied; not translated in English).
           Je suis petit et lui, il l’est aussi. - I am small and he is too (he is it too, i.e., he is small too).
le comte
le cocher
     1. n. dawn, sunrise, daybreak
     2. n. beginning
     3. n. (religion) alb
     4. n. (technology) paddle, blade
     5. n. vane (of windmill)
     6. n. small plank
     1. art. plural of le: the
     2. art. plural of la: the
     3. pron. plural of le: them
     4. pron. plural of la: them
il raconta les
tu sais, les femmes
     1. n. plural of troupe
dans l'après-midi du jour qui suivit le départ des troupes françaises
          1. n. troop
     1. v. third-person plural imperfect indicative of passer
passaient à leur tour
passaient entre les paquets de nourriture
          1. v. to go past
          2. v. to cross (a border)
          3. v. (legal) to pass
                passer une loi - to pass a law
          4. v. to spend (time)
                J'ai passé les vacances en Espagne. - I spent the holidays in Spain.
                J'ai passé une splendide soirée chez toi. - I had a great evening at your place.
          5. v. to publish (a newspaper)
          6. v. to take, to sit (an exam or test)
                J'ai réussi à l'examen que j'avais passé en avril. - I passed the exam that I took in April.
          7. v. (intransitive) to pass (an exam or test)
                Il est passé à l'examen. - He passed the exam.
          8. v. (dated) to pass (an exam or test)
                Il a passé l'examen. - He passed the exam.
          9. v. (public transportation) to run
                Le train passe toutes les vingt minutes. - The train runs every 20 minutes.
          10. v. to exceed (a limit)
          11. v. to percolate
          12. v. to hand down, to pass on
          13. v. to be allowed
          14. v. (intransitive) to pass, to go (between two entities)
          15. v. to show (a movie)
          16. v. to go up (a grade)
          17. v. to shift (change gear)
          18. v. to go down
          19. v. to go up
          20. v. to stop by, to pop in
                Je vais y passer demain pour mes affaires. - I'm going to stop by there tomorrow for my things.
          21. v. to pass away, to die
          22. v. (music) to spin (e.g. a disk)
          23. v. (TV) to show (be on television)
          24. v. (sports) to pass (kick, throw, hit etc. the ball to another player)
          25. v. (athletics) to pass (the relay baton)
          26. v. to pass on (infect someone else with a disease)
          27. v. to put, to place, to slip (move a part of one's body somewhere else)
          28. v. to wipe, rub
                Elle passe de la crème sur son ventre. - She's rubbing cream on her belly.
          29. v. to skip a go
          30. v. to put (make something undergo something)
          31. v. (card games) to pass (not play upon one's turn)
          32. v. (reflexive) to take place, to happen, to come to pass.
          33. v. (reflexive, for time) to go by
          34. v. (reflexive, with de) to do without
                Je ne peux pas me passer du café le matin. - I can't do without a cup of coffee in the morning.
     1. art. the (definite article).
     2. pron. her, it (direct object).
     3. n-m. (music) la, the note 'A'.
tremper la soupe
mais la comtesse
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