Lexis Rex "No Ads" Subscription

Lexis Rex relies on the revenue generated by the ads on the site. While we try and make the ads unobtrusive, especially with the games and exercises, if you are a regular user of the site they may be an unwelcome distraction from your learning. If they are we offer a subscription option where for $2 USD per month you can remove the ads on Lexis Rex.

The subscription will be linked to your User Id as found under the Settings menu item. This way you don't need to register and log in, you just need to set your User Id as used for the subscription on any device you want to use Lexis Rex from. The User Id will be also be shown on your receipt from PayPal.

As part of this subscription you will also receive a complimentary license for the L.R. Flash Cards software for Windows, currently selling for $10 USD. This software is very useful for learning anything you want with functions for creating image and audio flash cards.

Please press the button below to subscribe using PayPal. Please note for the future that PayPal will provide the method of cancelling your subscription.

Some of your devices may have unwanted software which causes ads to be displayed in your browser that are not coming from Lexis Rex. This page itself should not be displaying ads. If you still receive ads please Contact us for a refund and cancellation.