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Conjugation of posséder

Common conjugations for the French verb posséder, and their English translations.

posséderto own

Present Indicative
je possèdeI own
tu possèdesyou own
il possèdehe owns
elle possèdeshe owns
nous possédonswe own
vous possédezyou (formal) own
ils possèdentthey own
elles possèdentthey own

Imperfect Indicative
je possédaisI was owning
tu possédaisyou were owning
il possédaithe was owning
elle possédaitshe was owning
nous possédionswe were owning
vous possédiezyou (formal) were owning
ils possédaientthey were owning
elles possédaientthey were owning

Passé Composé
j'ai possédéI have owned
tu as possédéyou have owned
il a possédéhe has owned
elle a possédéshe has owned
nous avons possédéwe have owned
vous avez possédéyou (formal) have owned
ils ont possédéthey have owned
elles ont possédéthey have owned

Future Indicative
je posséderaiI will own
tu posséderasyou will own
il posséderahe will own
elle posséderashe will own
nous posséderonswe will own
vous posséderezyou (formal) will own
ils posséderontthey will own
elles posséderontthey will own

je posséderaisI would own
tu posséderaisyou would own
il posséderaithe would own
elle posséderaitshe would own
nous posséderionswe would own
vous posséderiezyou (formal) would own
ils posséderaientthey would own
elles posséderaientthey would own

Present Subjunctive
je possède(... that) I own
tu possèdes(... that) you own
il possède(... that) he owns
elle possède(... that) she owns
nous possédions(... that) we own
vous possédiez(... that) you (formal) own
ils possèdent(... that) they own
elles possèdent(... that) they own

possède Own!
possédonsLet's own!
possédez Own! (pl)

Present Participle
possédant owning

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