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Conjugation of penser

Common conjugations for the French verb penser, and their English translations.

penserto think

Present Indicative
je penseI think
tu pensesyou think
il pensehe thinks
elle penseshe thinks
nous pensonswe think
vous pensezyou (formal) think
ils pensentthey think
elles pensentthey think

Imperfect Indicative
je pensaisI was thinking
tu pensaisyou were thinking
il pensaithe was thinking
elle pensaitshe was thinking
nous pensionswe were thinking
vous pensiezyou (formal) were thinking
ils pensaientthey were thinking
elles pensaientthey were thinking

Passé Composé
j'ai penséI have thought
tu as penséyou have thought
il a penséhe has thought
elle a penséshe has thought
nous avons penséwe have thought
vous avez penséyou (formal) have thought
ils ont penséthey have thought
elles ont penséthey have thought

Future Indicative
je penseraiI will think
tu penserasyou will think
il penserahe will think
elle penserashe will think
nous penseronswe will think
vous penserezyou (formal) will think
ils penserontthey will think
elles penserontthey will think

je penseraisI would think
tu penseraisyou would think
il penseraithe would think
elle penseraitshe would think
nous penserionswe would think
vous penseriezyou (formal) would think
ils penseraientthey would think
elles penseraientthey would think

Present Subjunctive
je pense(... that) I think
tu penses(... that) you think
il pense(... that) he thinks
elle pense(... that) she thinks
nous pensions(... that) we think
vous pensiez(... that) you (formal) think
ils pensent(... that) they think
elles pensent(... that) they think

pense Think!
pensonsLet's think!
pensez Think! (pl)

Present Participle
pensant thinking

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