Conjugation of devenir

Common conjugations for the French verb devenir, and their English translations.

devenirto become

Present Indicative
je deviensI become
tu deviensyou become
il devienthe becomes
elle devientshe becomes
nous devenonswe become
vous devenezyou (formal) become
ils deviennentthey become
elles deviennentthey become

Imperfect Indicative
je devenaisI was becoming
tu devenaisyou were becoming
il devenaithe was becoming
elle devenaitshe was becoming
nous devenionswe were becoming
vous deveniezyou (formal) were becoming
ils devenaientthey were becoming
elles devenaientthey were becoming

Future Indicative
je deviendraiI will become
tu deviendrasyou will become
il deviendrahe will become
elle deviendrashe will become
nous deviendronswe will become
vous deviendrezyou (formal) will become
ils deviendrontthey will become
elles deviendrontthey will become

je deviendraisI would become
tu deviendraisyou would become
il deviendraithe would become
elle deviendraitshe would become
nous deviendrionswe would become
vous deviendriezyou (formal) would become
ils deviendraientthey would become
elles deviendraientthey would become

Present Subjunctive
je devienne(... that) I become
tu deviennes(... that) you become
il devienne(... that) he becomes
elle devienne(... that) she becomes
nous devenions(... that) we become
vous deveniez(... that) you (formal) become
ils deviennent(... that) they become
elles deviennent(... that) they become

deviens Become!
devenonsLet's become!
devenez Become! (pl)

Present Participle
devenant becoming

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