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Conjugation of être

Common conjugations for the French verb être, and their English translations.

êtreto be

Present Indicative
je suisI am
tu esyou are
il esthe is
elle estshe is
nous sommeswe are
vous êtesyou (formal) are
ils sontthey are
elles sontthey are

Imperfect Indicative
j'étaisI was being
tu étaisyou were being
il étaithe was being
elle étaitshe was being
nous étionswe were being
vous étiezyou (formal) were being
ils étaientthey were being
elles étaientthey were being

Passé Composé
j'ai étéI have been
tu as étéyou have been
il a étéhe has been
elle a étéshe has been
nous avons étéwe have been
vous avez étéyou (formal) have been
ils ont ététhey have been
elles ont ététhey have been

Future Indicative
je seraiI will be
tu serasyou will be
il serahe will be
elle serashe will be
nous seronswe will be
vous serezyou (formal) will be
ils serontthey will be
elles serontthey will be

je seraisI would be
tu seraisyou would be
il seraithe would be
elle seraitshe would be
nous serionswe would be
vous seriezyou (formal) would be
ils seraientthey would be
elles seraientthey would be

Present Subjunctive
je sois(... that) I am
tu sois(... that) you are
il soit(... that) he is
elle soit(... that) she is
nous soyons(... that) we are
vous soyez(... that) you (formal) are
ils soient(... that) they are
elles soient(... that) they are

sois Be!
soyonsLet's be!
soyez Be! (pl)

Present Participle
étant being

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