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English Vocabulary: The Car

car car
steering wheel steering wheel
brake pedal brake pedal
accelerator accelerator
clutch clutch
gear stick gear stick
handbrake handbrake
car seat car seat
safety belt safety belt
dashboard dashboard
window window
windscreen windscreen
windscreen wiper windscreen wiper
car door car door
handle handle
window winder window winder
mirror mirror
air vent air vent
sun visor sun visor
car mat car mat
horn horn
motor motor
radiator radiator
wheel wheel
tire tire
hubcap hubcap
headlight headlight
tail light tail light
indicator indicator
air pump air pump
petrol petrol
fuel pump fuel pump
oil oil
radio radio
antenna antenna
number plate number plate
bonnet bonnet
trunk (or boot) trunk (or boot)
exhaust exhaust

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