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English Vocabulary: Actions

to smile to smile
to laugh to laugh
to cry to cry
to nod to nod
to shake your head to shake your head
to shake hands to shake hands
to shake to shake
to turn to turn
to look to look
to listen to listen
to smell to smell
to touch to touch
to wave to wave
to bend to bend
to walk to walk
to run to run
to swim to swim
to talk to talk
to whisper to whisper
to sing to sing
to scream to scream
to shout to shout
to yawn to yawn
to point to point
to hold to hold
to grip to grip
to cross your arms to cross your arms
to pull to pull
to hit to hit
to lick to lick
to swallow to swallow
to eat to eat
to shrug to shrug
to lie to lie
to stand to stand
to sit to sit
to kneel to kneel
to blink to blink
to wink to wink
to sneeze to sneeze
to cough to cough
to stretch to stretch
to slap to slap
to punch to punch
to push to push
to kick to kick
to rub to rub
to dance to dance
to drink to drink
to taste to taste

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