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make for


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make for
     1. v. To set out to go (somewhere); to move towards.
     2. v. To tend to produce or result in.
     3. v. (idiomatic, rare) To confirm, favour, strengthen (an opinion, theory, etc.).
           I made this picture for my Dad.
     1. v. To create.
     2. v.          To build, construct, or produce.
                   We made a bird feeder for our yard.
                   I'll make a man out of him yet.
     3. v.          To write or compose.
     1. conj. (dated) Because.
     2. prep. Towards.
           The astronauts headed for the moon.
     3. prep. Directed at, intended to belong to.
           I have something for you.

Example Sentences

Enough to make for a sensational story. 

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