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keep an eye on


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keep an eye on
     1. v. To watch and pay attention to, in case of misbehaviour or mishap.
           I must keep an eye on this sauce in case it curdles.
     1. v. To continue in (a course or mode of action); not to intermit or fall from; to uphold or maintain.
           to keep silence;  to keep one's word;  to keep possession
     2. v. (heading, transitive) To hold the status of something.
     3. v.          To maintain possession of.
                   I keep a small stock of painkillers for emergencies.
     1. art. Form of a used before a vowel sound
     2. art. (now quite rare) Form of a used before 'h' in an unstressed syllable
     3. art. (nonstandard) Form of a used before 'h' in a stressed syllable
     4. conj. (archaic) If
     5. conj. (archaic) So long as.
     1. n. An organ through which animals see.
           Bright lights really hurt my eyes.
     2. n. The visual sense.
           The car was quite pleasing to the eye, but impractical.
     3. n. The iris of the eye, being of a specified colour.
     1. adj. In the state of being active, functioning or operating.
     2. adj. Performing according to schedule.
           Are we still on for tonight?
           Is the show still on?
     3. adj. (chiefly UK, informal, usually negative) Acceptable, appropriate.

Example Sentences

If I wait until she gets to the changing rooms then I might be able to warn her not to leave her bag unattended or keep an eye on it myself. 

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