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make ends meet


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make ends meet
     1. v. To have enough money to cover expenses; to get by financially; to get through the pay period (sufficient to meet the next payday).
     1. v. To create.
     2. v.          To build, construct, or produce.
                   We made a bird feeder for our yard.
                   I'll make a man out of him yet.
     3. v.          To write or compose.
     1. n. plural of End
     2. n. plural of end
     3. n. (MLE, plural only) The area in close proximity to one's home; neighbourhood.
     4. v. third-person singular present indicative of end
          1. n. The terminal point of something in space or time.
                At the end of the road, turn left.
                At the end of the story, the main characters fall in love.
          2. n. (by extension) (euphemistic) The cessation of an effort, activity, state, or motion.
                Is there no end to this madness?
     1. v. To make contact (with) while in proximity.
     2. v.          To come face to face with by accident; to encounter.
                   Fancy meeting you here!  Guess who I met at the supermarket today?
     3. v.          To come face to face with someone by arrangement.
                   Let's meet at the station at 9 o'clock.  Shall we meet at 8 p.m in our favorite chatroom?

Example Sentences

Well, with the recent real estate bust, we are finding it difficult to make ends meet

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