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No. 2165


1Blissful, contented, joyous
5To perform; to execute
6A way out
To go out of a room
7Appendages of birds, bats, insects etc. that enable them to fly
13Pleasant, agreeable
14A device that generates light
17A planet, especially one which is inhabited or inhabitable
The Earth, universe, existence in general
20A straight path between two points, as drawn by a pen etc
21Indefinite article used before a vowel
22On the current point in time
1In what manner? To what degree?
2A needle without an eye made of steel with one end sharpened and the other flattened or rounded into a head, used for fastening
3A word used to show agreement or acceptance
4Illuminated, started a fire
8An irritation of the skin that causes a person to want to scratch
9To move through space, especially to or through a place
A turn at something, e.g. in a game
10A coloured fluid used for writing, printing etc
11The thin, horny plate at the ends of fingers and toes
A spike-shaped metal fastener used for joining wood
12A person who secretly watches and examines the actions of others and gathers information on them
15With the result (that); therefore; in order (that)
16Either of the two fleshy parts around the opening of the mouth
17Covered with water
18The color of blood, a sunset, a traffic stop light etc
19A period of twenty-four hours

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