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No. 2072


1A hint, information which may lead to an answer
3A round or irregular patch of a different color
To pick out, notice, locate
7Has existed for a long period of time
8Currency, banknotes and coins
9A distressing or dangerous situation
13The number 8
15A tool with a toothed blade used for cutting hard substances, in particular wood or metal
Perceived with the eyes
16A type, race or category; a group of entities that have common characteristics
Affectionate, mild, gentle
17A metal, often black in color, that rusts, is attracted by magnets, and is used in making steel
1Having a slightly low temperature; mildly or pleasantly cold
2In or at a lower level than; less than
4A needle without an eye made of steel with one end sharpened and the other flattened or rounded into a head, used for fastening
5Things to play with, especially as intended for use by a child
6Quantities or volumes, numbers of
10A person who fails to win
11The part of a bird's head used for pecking, grooming and for eating food
12A large, long-necked waterfowl, most of which have white plumage
14A weapon for hand use such as a pistol or rifle

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