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The Japanese word for wind is

きょうふう - kyoufuu
強-strong, powerful (kyou), 風-wind (fuu)


Japanese Definition

     1. 名詞. かぜ
           The wind is blowing( = it is blowing.の方が自然な表現)
     2. 名詞. 風力。
     3. 名詞. いき、呼吸。
     4. 名詞. 腹中のガス(flatulence)。
           break wind
     5. 動詞. 他動詞 風を起こす。
     6. 動詞. 他動詞 気を失う。
           The boxer was winded during round two.
     7. 動詞. 他動詞 息切れさせる、(再帰)息切れする。
           I can't run another step — I'm winded.
     8. 動詞. 他動詞 (糸などを)巻き取る。
           Please wind up that kite string.
     9. 動詞. 他動詞 (発条ぜんまいなどを)巻く。
           Please wind up that old-fashioned alarm clock.
     10. 動詞. (ergative) 蛇行する、回り道する。
           The river winds through the plain.

Translations for wind and their definitions

     1. n. wind (movement of air)
           涼しい風が吹く。 - A cool wind blows.
     2. n. airs
     3. n. a style
     4. affix. element in compounds related to wind
     5. n. a style
           中国風 - China-style
           そんな風に言ってくれてありがとう。 - literally Thank you for telling me that in that way.

     1. v. to run out of breath

     1. n. wind power
     2. n. wind-force
     3. n. force of personality: one's dignity, one's style

     1. v. roll, coil, wind up
     2. v. wrap around
     3. v. tighten, wind

     1. breath

     1. n. gas, wind, a fart

     1. v. (transitive or, intransitive) blow (of wind, to move; or to cause air to move)
     2. v. (intransitive) spout (as a gas or liquid, out of something)
     3. v. play (a woodwind or brass instrument); blow (a whistle)
     4. v. (intransitive) laugh reflexively

     1. n. (mildly vulgar) flatulence, fart
           (synonyms, ja, おなら, tr1=onara)

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