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The Japanese Hiragana Syllabary

This page shows the Japanese Hiragana, how to pronounce the letter individually, and how the letter sounds within words.

Letter Romaji PronounceExample
apronunciationくしゅする pronunciation
られ pronunciation
らし pronunciation
か pronunciation
ご pronunciation
ipronunciationしゃ pronunciation
バスて pronunciation
ろ pronunciation
きょうか pronunciation
upronunciationろくじゅなな pronunciation
りょし pronunciation
きょかい pronunciation
れいとこ pronunciation
ななじゅきゅ pronunciation
epronunciationんぴつけずり pronunciation
ほほむ pronunciation
んとつ pronunciation
opronunciationうだんほどう pronunciation
ん pronunciation
さけ pronunciation
しり pronunciation
やゆび pronunciation
kapronunciationり pronunciation
さいばんん pronunciation
いだん pronunciation
む pronunciation
kipronunciationしょっあらい pronunciation
まばたする pronunciation
はちじゅうゅう pronunciation
みさ pronunciation
kupronunciationじゅうろ pronunciation
らんぼ pronunciation
kepronunciationぶとん pronunciation
がき pronunciation
かいいし pronunciation
うでどい pronunciation
おさ pronunciation
kopronunciationん pronunciation
おと pronunciation
うぐば pronunciation
れいぞう pronunciation
sapronunciationんじゅうきゅう pronunciation
んじゅうはち pronunciation
むい pronunciation
い pronunciation
んじゅういち pronunciation
shipronunciationつ pronunciation
ょうぼう pronunciation
り pronunciation
supronunciation pronunciation
り pronunciation
うがく pronunciation
sepronunciationいと pronunciation
んめんだい pronunciation
んすいかん pronunciation
んざい pronunciation
いかんざい pronunciation
sopronunciationよくう pronunciation
ふ pronunciation
tapronunciationう pronunciation
んてい pronunciation
ぎ pronunciation
chipronunciationじゃぐ pronunciation
ごじゅうい pronunciation
さんじゅうい pronunciation
tsupronunciationしちが pronunciation
えんぴ pronunciation
うがくバッグ pronunciation
くが pronunciation
tepronunciationもの pronunciation
をふる pronunciation
とっ pronunciation
んじょう pronunciation
たんい pronunciation
topronunciationう pronunciation
このこ pronunciation
こ pronunciation
れいうこ pronunciation
napronunciationあんいひょうじ pronunciation
じゅう pronunciation
く pronunciation
nipronunciationとりく pronunciation
じゅう pronunciation
じゅうきゅう pronunciation
じゅういち pronunciation
nupronunciation pronunciation
nepronunciationこ pronunciation
たまぎ pronunciation
nopronunciationみも pronunciation
おとここ pronunciation
たべも pronunciation
む pronunciation
たても pronunciation
hapronunciationちじゅうち pronunciation
いゆう pronunciation
ろくじゅうち pronunciation
まま pronunciation
ちじゅうろく pronunciation
hipronunciationしょくんざっか pronunciation
じ pronunciation
っき pronunciation
fupronunciationてをる pronunciation
ようくダンス pronunciation
ようくだんす pronunciation
せいく pronunciation
hepronunciationび pronunciation
いげん pronunciation
いし pronunciation
ら pronunciation
や pronunciation
hopronunciationこうしゃ pronunciation
うちょう pronunciation
うこうしじき pronunciation
うたい pronunciation
mapronunciationつばずづえ pronunciation
ど pronunciation
ばたきする pronunciation
mipronunciationずいろ pronunciation
ヤスリ pronunciation
なり pronunciation
ずぎ pronunciation
がきこ pronunciation
mupronunciationすこ pronunciation
すめ pronunciation
うすらさきいろ pronunciation
mepronunciationざましどけい pronunciation
やすり pronunciation
んでんしゃ pronunciation
んぼう pronunciation
んるい pronunciation
mopronunciationだち pronunciation
のみの pronunciation
いろ pronunciation
yapronunciationね pronunciation
ゆび pronunciation
つめすり pronunciation
yupronunciationき pronunciation
びをさす pronunciation
び pronunciation
びわ pronunciation
か pronunciation
yopronunciationんじゅうなな pronunciation
じゅうん pronunciation
んじゅうに pronunciation
んじゅうさん pronunciation
にじゅうん pronunciation
rapronunciationれ pronunciation
とび pronunciation
さき pronunciation
ripronunciation pronunciation
ゅうど pronunciation
くも pronunciation
のこぎ pronunciation
rupronunciationあて pronunciation
ひめいをあげ pronunciation
はし pronunciation
repronunciationせっけんい pronunciation
いとうこ pronunciation
あら pronunciation
ropronunciationめんでんしゃ pronunciation
みずい pronunciation
ももい pronunciation
くじゅうご pronunciation
うか pronunciation
wapronunciationちゃん pronunciation
る pronunciation
ゆび pronunciation
o/wopronunciationふる pronunciation
ひめいあげる pronunciation
せきする pronunciation
くしゃみする pronunciation
ひざつく pronunciation
npronunciationきゅうじゅうよ pronunciation
ようふくだす pronunciation
じゅうはち pronunciation
はちじゅうさ pronunciation

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