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The Japanese Katakana Syllabary

Beginner Set 1

This page shows the Japanese Katakana, how to pronounce the letter individually, and how the letter sounds within words.

Letter Romaji PronounceExample
apronunciationトライングル pronunciation
ニスト pronunciation
ブラシ pronunciation
ハンドル pronunciation
イスクリーム pronunciation
ipronunciationネクタ pronunciation
レットペーパー pronunciation
ヘッドラト pronunciation
スパス pronunciation
レ pronunciation
upronunciationエイター pronunciation
インクする pronunciation
ン pronunciation
epronunciationレベーター pronunciation
イター pronunciation
スカレーター pronunciation
ンジン pronunciation
ラジーター pronunciation
opronunciationヴァイリン pronunciation
ムツ pronunciation
ル pronunciation
レンジ pronunciation
ーブン pronunciation


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