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The Japanese word for west is

にし - nishi


Japanese Definition

     1. 名詞. 西
     2. 名詞. 西部
     3. 形容詞. 西の
     4. 形容詞. 西方の
     5. 形容詞. 西への
     6. 副詞. 西へ
     7. 副詞. 西方へ

Translations for west and their definitions

     1. n. west (one of the four cardinal directions)
     2. n. the West
     3. n. wind blowing from the west
     4. n. (theater) in kabukii:
     5. n.    the left side of the stage in the Edo-style
     6. n.    the right side of the stage in Kyoto and Osaka styles
     7. n. (sumo) lower-ranked wrestlers listed on the left side of a banzuke
     8. n. a capitalist state (originally western Europe, as opposed to Eastern Bloc countries)
     9. n. (mahjong) west wind (mahjong tile)
           (hyper, ja, 風牌, tr=kazehai, fanpai)
     10. n. (mahjong) a with a triplet or quad of west wind tiles; depending on wind round and player's seat wind, it is worth either 1 or 2
           (hyper, ja, 役牌, tr=yakuhai, yaku-pai)

     1. n. west, western area

     1. n. the western part, the region in the west

     1. n. The West, western countries


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