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The Japanese word for ice is

こおり - kōri


Japanese Definition

     1. 名詞. こおり
     2. 名詞. 氷菓子。
     3. 動詞. 氷でひやす。
     4. 動詞. 氷でおおう。
     5. 動詞. 砂糖のころもをつける。

Translations for ice and their definitions

     1. n. ice (frozen water)
           (synonyms, ja, アイス, tr=aisu)
     2. n. a cold and sharp object, as a shard of ice
     3. n. ice (frozen water)
           (synonyms, ja, アイス, tr=aisu)
     4. n. hail (precipitated ice)
           (synonyms, ja, 雹, tr=hyō)

     1. n. ice
     2. n. sorbet, ice pop; ice cream
     3. n. Usage: In the sense of usurer, this word emerged as a play on words, as 高利貸し and 氷菓子 have the same readings. This led to usurers being referred to as アイスキャンディー, shor

     1. n. dry ice


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