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The gender of secondo is masculine. E.g. il secondo.


The plural of secondo is secondi.

Italian Definition

     1. corrisponde al numero cardinale 2, secondo
     2. sost. (inv) una persona o cosa che occupa la seconda posizione, secondo
     3. sost. (automobile) (inv) seconda marcia
     4. sost. (baseball) la seconda base
     5. sost. (normalmente al plurale) seconda scelta
     6. sost. (normalmente al plurale) un'altra porzione di cibo
           If there is any food left, I want seconds. — Se rimane del cibo, voglio un'altra porzione.
     7. sost. una seconda possibilità
     8. sost. sessantesimo di un minuto, secondo
           There are 60 seconds in a minute. — Ci sono 60 secondi in un minuto.
     9. sost. periodo di tempo breve e indeterminato
           Be there in a second. — Ci sarò tra poco.
     10. verb. (En-uk) distaccare, comandare
     11. verb. assecondare, secondare, appoggiare, sostenere

Translations for second and their definitions

     1. adj. (before the noun) second
     2. adj. (in names of monarchs and popes, after the name) the second
     3. adv. as per, per
     4. adv. according to
     5. n. second (unit of time)
     6. n. second (in boxing or duelling)
     7. n. second mate, executive officer (in the navy)
     8. n. main course (of a meal)
     9. n. latter (relating to or being the second of two items)
     10. prep. according to

     1. v. to go along with; to pander
     2. v. to give into
     3. v. to second (agree as a second person)

     1. n. godfather
     2. n. sponsor (at a baptism)
     3. n. second (at a duel)

     1. v. to separate (from)
     2. v. to take away (from)
     3. v. to remove, detach, take off
     4. v. to second (from)
     5. v. to outdistance (in a race)

     1. v. To follow or come behind
     2. v. To go along with or give in to (someone's wishes)
     3. v. (intransitive) To discharge the afterbirth

     1. v. to rule
     2. v. (intransitive, Switzerland) to command, give orders, be in charge
     3. v. to order, give orders, command
     4. v. to command, be in command of, be in charge of
     5. v. (intransitive, mechanics) to control, operate

     1. n. moment, instant, second
           aspetta un attimo! - wait a second (or moment)
           fare qualcosa in un attimo - to do something quickly
     2. n. bit
           sono un attimo in ritardo - I'm a bit late

     1. n. moment
     2. n. (physics) momentum

     1. v. to support, to second, to back, to endorse
     2. v. to lean on, to lean against, to prop, to place, to rest on
           appoggiare la scala alla parete - to lean the ladder against the wall
     3. v. (intransitive) to rest

     1. v. to support, to hold up, to prop, to carry the weight of
     2. v. to sustain, to bear, to stand, to suffer
     3. v. to support, to back, to stand up for, to uphold, to defend, to cheer up
     4. v. to state, to assert, to claim, to maintain
     5. v. (theater) to play, to act

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