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The Italian word for to drive is

to drive

Italian Definition

     1. verb. condurre, guidare (una mandria, un'automobile)
     2. verb. motivare
     3. verb. guidare (un mezzo motorizzato)
     4. verb. trasportare (su un un mezzo motorizzato)
     5. sost. viaggio, giro
     6. sost. impulso

Translations for drive and their definitions

     1. v. to guide, lead, show, escort
     2. v. to manage, run
     3. v. (to operate a vehicle):
     4. v.          to drive
     5. v.          (intransitive) to be at the wheel
     6. v.          (intransitive) to be behind the wheel
     7. v.          (intransitive) to take the wheel

     1. v. to guide, escort or show someone
     2. v. to conduct, spearhead or lead something
     3. v. to drive a car, pilot an aircraft, steer a boat

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