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The Italian word for to cut is

to cut

Italian Definition

     1. verb. tagliare
     2. sost. taglio
     3. sost. cut away
     4. sost. cut down on
     5. sost. cut in
     6. sost. cut off

Translations for cut and their definitions

     1. n. cut (also figuratively), slit, slash, incision; (figuratively) cutback, cutting
     2. n. scission, break
     3. n. cutting, trimming, chopping, reaping, mowing, haircut, (of fabric) length
     4. n. (cutting) edge, cutting side
     5. n. (figuratively) slant, tone
     6. n. (of wines) blending
     7. n. (of banknotes etc) denomination
     8. n. (figuratively) retrenchment
     9. v. first-person singular present of tagliare
Image illustrating the Italian word taglio

     1. n. cut
     2. n. incision
     3. n. engraving
     4. n. recording

     1. v. past participle of scolpire (feminine: scolpita, masculine plural: scolpiti, feminine plural: scolpite)
     2. adj. carved, chiseled
     3. adj. wrought

     1. Participle. feminine singular of alzato
     2. n. lifting, raising
     3. n. top (of piece of furniture)
     4. n. cake stand
     5. n. cut (deck of playing cards)

     1. v. (intransitive) to jump, to leap, to spring
     2. v. (intransitive) to explode, to blow up
     3. v. (intransitive) to blow (up), to fuse
     4. v. (intransitive) to come off, to snap, to break
     5. v. (intransitive) to fail, to be cancelled
     6. v. (intransitive) to dance
     7. v. to jump, to jump over, to leap, to hurdle, to clear
     8. v. (transitive, figuratively) to jump, to skip, to leave out, to cut
     9. v. (transitive, in recipes) to sauté, to toss

     1. n. size (of clothes etc)
     2. n. reward (criminal)
     3. v. third-person singular present of tagliare
     4. v. second-person singular imperative of tagliare

     1. v. to lift (up), to raise, to heave
     2. v. to raise, to put up, to up
     3. v. to build, to erect

     1. v. past participle of circoncidere (feminine: circoncisa, masculine plural: circoncisi, feminine plural: circoncise)

     1. v. to cut or slash
     2. v. (enology) to spike (to add a small amount of one substance to another)
     3. v. (mineralogy) to cleave (to break a single crystal such as a gemstone)
     4. v. To crop (photo, etc.)

     1. adj. (heraldry) Divided into two equal parts diagonally from top right to bottom left, per bend sinister
     2. v. past participle of tagliare (feminine: tagliata, masculine plural: tagliati, feminine plural: tagliate)

     1. v. to carve, engrave, incise, monogram or cut
     2. v. to affect, to influence
     3. v. to record

     1. v. past participle of ritagliare (feminine: ritagliata, masculine plural: ritagliati, feminine plural: ritagliate)
     2. v. past participle of ritagliarsi

     1. v. past participle of cesellare (feminine: cesellata, masculine plural: cesellati, feminine plural: cesellate)

     1. n. piece
     2. n. plot

     1. v. past participle of accorciare (feminine: accorciata, masculine plural: accorciati, feminine plural: accorciate)
     2. v. past participle of accorciarsi

     1. adj. small, reduced, cut, short
     2. adj. adapted, abridged
     3. n. foyer (of a theatre)
     4. n. fortress
     5. v. past participle of ridurre

     1. v. past participle of potare

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