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     1. n. apocopic form of quale
     1. adj. apocopic form of buono
     1. n. wind (movement of air caused by differences in atmospheric pressure)
     1. pron. (uncommon, very, formal, or polite) you (singular), to you (singular), yourself
     2. pron. (ngd, second-person personal plural object pronoun:) you, to you
           (noi) vi amiamo - we love you
     3. pron. (ngd, second-person reflexive plural:) yourselves
           (voi) vi ricordate - you remember
     4. pron. (often not translated) it; about it, of it, on it
     5. adv. (formal) there
     6. adv. (formal) here
     7. n. alternative form of vu
     1. n. gate
     2. n. door
     3. n. (computing) port
     4. v. third-person singular present indicative of portare
     5. v. second-person singular imperative of portare
          1. v. to bring, fetch, take, carry
          2. v. to lead, drive, show
          3. v. to wear
          4. v. (transitive, of feelings) to bear, feel, nourish
          5. v. to have, bear
vi porta
          1. v. (reflexive) to go, move (literally, to take oneself)
          2. v. (reflexive) to bring along
          3. v. (reflexive) to behave
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